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While you're practicing this you might also work a few other rockabilly words into your vocabulary. (Warning, do not use this on your mother, she is not rockabilly and she wont understand how fucking hep you are becoming). AGAIN, this is crucial to your new rockabilly lifestyle. Or any other name that sounds more like a carnie ride than a car club.

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Now you can consult the Idiot's Guide for the latest up to the minute advice on transforming your dull boring life into a new exciting rockabilly lifestyle!

First of all in your quest to become rockabilly you should remember to never EVER refer to rockabilly as rockabilly.

For example, one might say, "Jeez, the scene in Oregon is fuckin dead! " (Important note: liberal use of profanity is always rockabilly). Everything else can be put aside but you will NOT be rockabilly without those sideburns buddy. Standard greaser uniform is a T-shirt, (black with some logo of a custom shop in So Cal you've never been to), Converse, (call them your chucks), and jeans. Once you've mastered this basic uniform you may mix it up a little with some Dickies or add a car club jacket. Don't worry, NO ONE will ask you about your car cause they don't have one either!

Practice daily to rid yourself of the habit of saying rockabilly as soon as possible. " in the place of "cool" and "I jive" instead of "I agree." Refer to women as "kittens", " broads", "skirts", "dames", "doll" or even the cooler "dollface". Now, once your hair is to an acceptable rockabilly length, (you'll know because your mother will be pestering you to cut it), you need to apply grease. Make up a name and have it embroidered on your Dickies jacket down at the mall. Your club name could even be something really silly, like The Flying Coffins!

If they make it in leopard print then you need to go buy it. It doesn't matter if you're so damn pale that black hair will make you look like you've just risen from the grave, it's mandatory.

Later when you get the hang of rockabilly you may try another color, but for beginners, go with black.Many people claim that committee members brought personal agendas into the planning of events and meetings resulting in financially non-viable events.Whether run for profit, or not for profit, breaking even, at least, should be a goal if the festival/weekend is to become an annual event with ongoing support. To get an event of this sort up and running takes vast expertise, and sustained energy.That's right future hep cats and cool kittens, now all your rockabilly references can be right there at your fingertips!No more searching desperately through various hotrod magazines!" Or, "Yeah, my favorite fuckin song is Hillbilly Gully-Wully by Skipper Kipman and the Muddy Cake Bakers! Other than that just smile and nod your head in appreciation when people play rockabilly music around you. Dancers and band members have inundated us with requests to get an annual local rock'n'roll festival/weekend up and running in Perth. Other states seem to be able to get these things off the ground. Summersun was an attempt to address the west coast festival deficit.

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