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on May 25, Harvey Weinstein stepped out of a black Toyota SUV in Lower Manhattan and surrendered himself to the New York Police Dept. Weinstein had emerged from a six-month exile in the Arizona desert to be fingerprinted and booked on charges of rape and forcible oral sex.

Nelly makes her first appearance in Desperately Seeking Serena as a student at Constance Billard School who also aspires to attend Yale University.

SATs are coming up and Blair realizes that Nelly is her main competition for admission to Yale.

However, she is shown to be treated like a slave and doesn't have the same privileges as the other girls do.

In In the Realm of the Basses, Jenny Humphrey returns to Constance after being homeschooled for a semester.

He wore a navy sport coat over a light-blue sweater and carried an armload of books.

One of them was a biography of Elia Kazan, the playboy director who was tangled up in the Red Scare in the 1950s.

She admits that her ex-boyfriend, Todd, broke up with her at a Flo Rida concert and Blair invites her to come to her penthouse to relax and talk it out.

That night, Blair invites Todd over and bribes him to ask Nelly out to talk about their breakup.

According to a source, it was a tongue-in-cheek message to the media, accusing them of scapegoating him as part of another Hollywood witch hunt.


  1. If you've been following me for a while you should know a truckload about my brother Evan, who is 15 months younger than myself and only a couple grades behind me in school.

  2. The ceremony took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

  3. The idea here is to establish a conversation where you are able to sense your guy’s anticipation and interest.

  4. Beyond straight couples and laides we also have gay men/couples, lesbians, swingers, mature women/couples, and trannies - just to give you a sample!

  5. Glenn Oldroyd My wife and I made new wills and are in the process of completing a Lasting Power of Attorney.

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  7. Since they were both teenagers and driving, they wanted us to give them more and more freedom. This had my wife and I a bit worried because we have always been so very careful to keep them close to us so that we could always keep a watchful eye on them and make sure they were always safe.

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