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[table of contents] In preparation of the Gallery 2.3 release, we retained Gotham Digital Science (GDS) to a perform security audit on Gallery 2.

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Modern browsers and OS have this CA in the trust store and that's why you can access this site with a browser.

But, WWW:: Mechanize (based on LWP:: User Agent) does not use the systems trust store (at least on Windows).

This is an obvious misconfiguration of the the server and that's why this certificate gets ignored when validating the trust chain. exactly the certificate which got sent by the server but which got ignored because one should not base the trust only on what the server sends.

This means there need to be an instance of this root CA in the local trust store.

For those of you who like standards, we have strict XHTML compliance but give plenty of power to our themes so that you can make it look the way that you want.

It's a powerful application and you're in the driver's seat.

The odds are that your system is all set to handle Gallery 2 so just skip right to the installer and start clicking.

It should walk you through everything you need to get going.

Looking at the certificate chain for this site (for example at SSLLabs) you'll find that it looks the following: The last certificate in this trust chain is self-signed, i.e.

the trust in this certificate comes from the certificate itself.

You can also delete any modules/themes that you're not using if you want to save space.


  1. The Package Manager features manage the packages that are used in all Tizen Studio programs.

  2. Fortunately, such a conversation should not be all that difficult as a large percentage of the population speaks fluent English as a second language. Having traveled to the Philippines before (Manila to be exact), I can tell you firsthand that Filipino women are some of the most beautiful in Asia.

  3. In myths, novels, and films, from Helen of Troy to Hester Prynne in to Diane Lane in 2002’s_ Unfaithful, _the affair of the rare philandering female is the centerpiece of the story, and its punishments are draconian (the Trojan War, ostracism and branding with an A, being cast in In the real world, with greater professional equality between the genders and third-wave-feminist sexual liberation, are women cheating for the same reason that men have throughout history, as Megan’s profile suggests—that is, to sate their sex drives and gratify their egos? "Megan has picked Coppelia, a Latin American diner at the border of Chelsea and the West Village in Manhattan, and she’s waiting in a booth when I arrive.

  4. Its members' database has grown to enormous proportions and is now one of the the largest in the industry.

  5. Justin and Sam were allured by their charming young teacher from the very first lecture, but all their awkward attempts to seduce her failed, so they decided to enjoy her gorgeous body against her will.

  6. There were more secretaries, researchers and interns - and bigger budgets, especially for publicity.

  7. They just don’t have the users to support matching.

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