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Final Year Projects Training is also given to Diploma Students.


C/C | Java | Advance Java | J2EE | Data Structure | Visual Basic | Oracle | SQL Server | Software Testing | CCNA | CCNP | CCIE | MCITP | Hardware | Networking | HTML / CSS | Java Script / XML | Dreamweaver | Ethical Hacking | PHP & My SQL | VB. The Following syllabus is of MSBTE Polytechnic Computer Engineering Computer Technology Sixth Semester .

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Pare Down the identified Hardware Configuration to a Manageable Set. Collect information regarding latest requirement for a job from any industry Importance of Modeling 1.1 Brief overview of Object Modeling Technology (OMT) by Ram Baugh, Booch Methodology, Use Case driven approach (OOSE) by Jacobson, Overview of CRC card method by Cunningham.

Identify your Software’s Unique Features that work with the Hardware Configurations. 1.2 Importance of Modeling, Four principles of Modeling Object Modeling 2.1 Objects and Classes (Object Diagrams, Attributes, Operations and Methods), Links, Associations and Advanced Concepts (General Concepts, Multiplicity, Link Attributes, Association as a Class, Roll names, Ordering, Qualification, Aggregation).

, cost of bugs, What Exactly does a software tester do? Software Development Process Product Components:- What Effort Goes into a software product? , Software Project Staff , Software Development Lifecycle Models :- Big-Bang Model , Code and fix Model, Waterfall model, Spiral Model The Realities of Software Testing Software Testing terms and definition:-Precision and accuracy, verification and validation, Quality Assurance and quality control Testing Fundamentals Examining the Specification Getting Started :- Black-Box and white-box Testing, Static and Dynamic Testing , Static Black Box Testing :- Testing the specification Performing a High Level Review of the Specification:- Pretend to be a customer, Research Existing Standards and guidelines , Review and test similar software Low Level Specification Test Techniques:- Specification Attributes Checklist , Specification Terminology Checklist.

Testing the software with Blinders On Dynamic Black-Box Testing : testing the software While, Blindfolded, Test-to-pass and Test-to-fail, Equivalences Partitioning , Data Testing :- Boundary Condition, Sub-Boundary Conditions, default, empty, blank, Null, Zero and None, Invalid, Wrong, Incorrect and garbage data. -Data Types, Loops, Control structures, Cases, Operators.

2.2 Java & the Net The networking classes & interfaces 2.3 Inet address Factory methods, instance method 2.4 What is URL Format 2.5 URL connection 2.6 Creating TCP Client, Creating TCP Server, Reading and Writing from TCP Sockets, Accepting and processing request from TCP Client 2.7 Data grams Data gram packets, Data gram server & client Java Data Base Client/ Server 3.1 Java as a Database front end Database client/server methodology Two-Tier Database Design Three-Tier Database Design 3.2 The JDBC API – Connection, Database Meta Data, Prepared Statement, Result Set, Result Set Meta Data, Statement The API Components, Limitations Using JDBC(Applications vs. 1.5) Transforming Ideas in to opportunities transformation involves Assessment of idea &Feasibility of opportunity SWOT Analysis Information And Support Systems 2.1) Information Needed and Their Sources. (8) Develop System Program based system like compilers, editors, spreadsheets, mini database systems.

Applets), Security Considerations, A JDBC Database Example JDBC Drivers , JDBC-ODBC Bridge Current JDBC Drivers Servlets 5.1 Background, The Life Cycle Of a Servlet, The Java Servlet Development Kit, The Simple Servlet, Using Tomcat for Servlet development, The Servlet API 5.2 The Javax Servlet Package, Reading Servlet Parameters Reading Initialization Parameters The Javax. http package, Handling HTTP Requests and responses 5.3 Using Cookies, Session Tracking, Security Issues Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Opportunities 1.1) Concept, Classification & Characteristics of Entrepreneur 1.2) Creativity and Risk taking. Information related to project, Information related to support system, Information related to procedures and formalities 2.2) SUPPORT SYSTEMS 1) Small Scale Business Planning, Requirements. & Institutional Agencies, Formalities 3) Statutory Requirements and Agencies. (5) Develop Web Based Applications using Web Technologies. II Hardware Oriented Projects (1) Develop Intrusion Detection System.

State Testing:- Testing Software ‘s Logic Flow, Testing States to Fail.

Examining the Code Static White Box Testing: Examining the design and code, Formal Review: - Peer Review, Walkthroughs, Inspections.

Testing for the Disabled: Accessibility Testing: - It’s the Law, accessibility features in software. 5.4 Component Diagrams: Terms and Concepts, Common modeling techniques.

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