Dht nodes not updating

The only modification you have to make is to add your Wi Fi login credentials. It enables you to type a URL into your browser to switch the onboard LED on and off.You use the Arduino IDE’s serial monitor to get the Wemos’s ip address, then and toggle the LED on and off.It’s always good to do this so you can crib ideas and sometimes even borrow some bits of code.

dht nodes not updating-59

Dht nodes not updating

All being well, now you have flashed your Wemos D1 mini and, when powered up, it will send a temperature reading every minute to your Pi’s php web server.

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The Raspberry Pi is running a lighttpd web server and php5.

A short php script is used (a first for me) to log the data from the incoming http “GET” commands from each of the Wemos boards. I wanted to be able to view the current data on a web page, so I wrote a short Python script to generate an html page from the most recent data.

This script is run every minute using a cron job on the Pi.

If I knew php, it could probably be done dynamically using php. So the outcome is that, every minute, each sensor sends in its new data, which is logged, a new html file is created and I can always view data in my browser which is never more than a couple of minutes old.

For a long time now I’ve wanted wireless temperature sensors scattered around the house and garden reporting their temperatures regularly to a central server.

It’s not something I really need, but something nice to have.

The only caveat is that the port numbering is a bit confusing.

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