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Every now and then one of them will come and prod, tickle or menace you (and make sure you’re not going numb.) So if you’re able to get into subspace without continuous interaction with a Domina, these parties are the real deal. They throw hoods over your head for anonymity, and actually, having to crawl past another prisoner is an extra buzz.

The bottom line: these Wardens will give your arse as tough a time as you sign up for, but you can rest assured that they’re nice people behind the facade, and they know what they’re doing. ”Being extremely nervous and very much a newbie both sexually and in the world of BDSM, my nerves were immediately put to the side by Duty Warden Mistress Absolute really settings the tone for the day as soon as the door closed with orders to strip and then being hooded before taken to a cage.

Once all the attendees had arrived we were lead into the “play room” which was all set up with three slings, and various benches along with all the necessary equipment and where we first met the Mistress’s that would be carrying out the many invasions of our posteriors.

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I should say that each time we finished on a sling or bench Fo Xtress would come and clean everything down, the hygiene arrangements were second to none, there was plenty of lube, condoms, wipes, sprays, plus mats to catch any mess that was made, well done Fo Xtress.

And then onto Goddess Cleo well I had experienced her when I went to the London event, and I sort of knew what to expect but the Goddess took me to another level of pleasure by ensuring that I had several assgasms if you have never experienced one you have missed a level of pleasure that I never thought was possible, again leaking was the order of the day.

There followed frequent moves from cage to cage or to other forms of confinement (arm-binders, straight-jacket, being hogtied). While hog-tied my vulnerability to tickling was tested by the Chief Warden.

In between I suffered at the hands of different wardens, all with their own unique style of inflicting torment, torture or punishment. A specialist warden was assigned who explored my most ticklish regions.

Athena (Goddess Cleo), protector or the city, slow to anger and fought only when there was a just cause.

Something incredibly demure and enticing in her quiet confident expertise and knowing expression as she brought me to heel.

As soon as the door opened I was told to get my nose up against the wall, hands on head.

After being instructed to strip I was then hooded and forcibly led to a room where I was caged.

Any reservations were left with my folded pile of clothes in the next room. They effortlessly created a rapport as we drifted in and out of orbit….in some cases were brought to heel.

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