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As an experienced cat owner, I've had many of the same questions that you do about caring for your cat.The answers to these questions were not always easy to find, and much of the information conflicting.One well-known creationist (John Woodmorappe) reports that his Siamese cat, Neil, enjoyed mango and papaya, greedily eating them whenever he provided the fruits.

I'll also try to make sense of the conflicting advice and information you see about cats out there on the web. I've either experienced it first hand, or I'm researching it right now.

Want to change your kitty's food, but not sure if it's the right thing to do? I am constantly on the hunt for more stuff for cat lovers.

Soft to the touch, but amazingly strong, they may appear lazy but are actually incredibly fast and agile.

Sleeping many hours per day, they are ever patient and remain perfectly alert when hunting.

Looking for the best places to buy pet supplies or pet care products? Whatever I can find, whatever new things I discover, I'll post it on the Web for you.

Cats have become the number one pet in the United States, and it's easy to see why.

John Woodmorappe’s Articles About John Woodmorappe One of the most common criticisms of the theory of special creation is the fact that nature is “red in tooth and claw.” Surely, it is reasoned, a benevolent Creator would not design creatures that lived by tormenting and devouring each other.

Why is the natural economy one of destruction, in which animals prey on each other?

Even a few months after their removal from their mother, the kittens–contrary to their supposedly innate carnivorous nature–would usually eat cereal even when given a choice between cereal and meat pellets. 41) notes, As a result of the presence of these factors, a striking phenomena was obtained: cats, essentially carnivorous animals, ate entirely vegetable food and preferred it to animal food.

It is noteworthy that such a crude procedure as electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus at appropriate times should be sufficient to reverse an apparently instinctive, “hard-wired” trait like carnivory.

Although much more research is obviously needed, it is interesting to speculate how carnivory may be reversed in the new natural economy to be established by God.


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