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Well, be still your boy-band-loving heart, because 20 years later, your 14-year-old pop-culture dreams are coming true. Actually, more than just knowing that, they’re embracing it. In hindsight, though, there were more esoteric reasons for branding themselves Nick & Knight, latching onto the identities they created in their respective music groups.Nick Carter, the congenial blond you liked most in the Backstreet Boys, and Jordan Knight, the most devilishly handsome of the New Kids on the Block, have formed a duo. And they’re using it as the catalyst for evolving, too, to bring attention to new music that they’re extremely passionate about. When it came to naming their fledgling duo Nick & Knight (a hilarious riff on the late-night Nickelodeon classic comedy block Nick at Nite—if you really needed that explained, I judge you) there was only the slightest bit of hesitation. “When we first came up with the idea, we were wondering if it was too cliché,” Carter says. “We didn’t want to disguise ourselves with a different name,” he says.So when they both got the itch to create new music at the tail end of the tour, they decided to collaborate as a duo this time rather than go at it alone again—something they both claim came separately as some divine inspiration.

After New Kids On The Block disbanded, Jordan launched a solo career.

Jordan's first solo album, released in 1999, and his latest solo album, released in 2011, reached the Top 50 on the US Billboard 200.

“I told Joe [Mc Intyre] about touring with Nick and he thought I was talking about Nick Lachey, because we had just gotten off tour with 98 Degrees,” Knight says.

“When found out he what was really going on, he was like, ‘I didn’t know you were talking about Nick Carter. ’”With all the falsetto harmony of a Maroon 5 or One Republic track, but maybe lacking just a little bit of the earworm catchiness, Nick & Knight’s album has been garnering politely good reviews.

"It might have shut down the group or been in tabloids. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing."Jonathan remembers the intense amount pressure he was under to keep his sexuality a secret."I was a young kid in the New Kids and I had CBS, my manager, all these people telling me 'You can't let anyone know you're gay.

If you let the world know you’re gay, you're gonna ruin your career, you're gonna ruin your manager’s career, CBS is going to lose money on record sales.' It was just so much on my shoulders as a young kid."NEWS: 'New Kid' Jonathan Knight on How 'The Amazing Race' Helped Him Overcome his Anxiety It was this scrutiny that led Jonathan to struggle with stage fright and panic attacks, one of the reasons that he was eager to sign up for the latest season of with his partner Harley Rodriguez."That was one of the main reasons I did it," Jonathan reveals. Being in a group with five guys, it was always easy for me to fall behind or not speak up at interviews."Rodriguez can see the change in his partner since he came out and took on the reality show challenge."They just had a show a couple weeks ago and he was on stage just talking to the audience," Rodriguez gushes.

The record “plays as one might expect, right to the base,” says Sarah Rodman at The Boston Globe, calling it a “perfectly pleasant 10-track collection.” Other reviewers, chiefly The Guardian’s Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy, are less kind, leading with, “Boy bands just won’t die.” But, really, that’s just missing the point. This isn’t the same situation as the one in that tired pop-culture trope, where the once-great band white-knuckles onto their glory days, touring the world with their kitschy old hits until they croak.

There’s nothing “washed up” about the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block, or Carter and Knight, for that matter.

In fact, no one talked publicly about Knight’s sexuality until singer Tiffany outed him on Bravo's ."What he must have went through back in the day being in a boy band, if there was a peep of him being gay, who knows [what would have happened]?

" Jonathan’s brother and fellow NKOTB member Jordan Knight tells ET.

Jordan had sold over 1.5 million records worldwide as a solo artist.


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