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A quick reminder; the deadline for abstract submissions for the Mid America Medieval Association’s annual conference is December 15th.

They are asserting themselves – they want their place under the Sun!!

At a fundamental level, a conservative wants a state of eternity in something.

] In “those days” everyone was forced to learn English.

There is an element of xenophobia here as many say that this wave of immigration is going to change the social landscape of the United States.

Thirdly, the question of the security of the border.

Many, if not all prefer a “guest worker program” but that needs to be documented.

Illegal immigrants are illegal and the fact that they have broken the law to come to this country underscores the fact that they cannot be, by the very fact, be law abiding citizens. There is something called “natural law” and this postulates that any law to “succeed”, it must make sense as then then majority of the citizens would willingly obey it. In an increasingly globalized globe, where there is free flow of capital and goods why can't labor behave the same way? Secondly, any immigration law or amnesty is like the “black money” pardon. However, strange as it seems, its success is dependent not on the Senators but the workers themselves!

For it to succeed, the undocumented workers must come of the woodwork and embrace the law.

While, in this increasingly dynamic universe, they are finding it difficult to find something to hold on to, they usually find something and demands an element of stability. According to a immigrant family coming from Europe (actually the grandson) just before World War I, there are three major differences now and “last time”. During that time there were people from “southern extraction” outnumbering the “natives”.

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