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According to an employee, this weekend they will begin liquidating and most likely close at the end of February.

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The company notifies its employees, its vendors, its creditors and its customers that it is closing up shop.

It pays its taxes and fulfills its contractual obligations.

It liquidates its inventory and other assets by selling them off quickly, often for less money than the company originally paid for the items.

A business has several options from which to choose when it liquidates its inventory.

They also stay away from products that are expensive to ship and to store.

Instead, liquidators prefer to buy easy-to-move products with a long shelf life, such as power tools, books, toys and building materials.It has been a fun time and we hope we added a lot of value and goodwill to the community.Unfortunately with the arrival of Safeway we will no longer be able to operate in this location as a full service supermarket.As an alternative, it can sell its entire inventory to a liquidator, who will pay a lower price for the products but will take possession of them and pay for them immediately.From a buyer's point of view, an inventory liquidation sale can provide a valuable opportunity to purchase goods at rock-bottom prices.All our branded goods are genuine and backed with the appropriate paperwork where relevant.


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