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1) Homophobia — This relates to the experiences of most gays and lesbians that there is considerable prejudice in society.Sometimes the term is used instead to describe this, but both terms relate to experiences of prejudice, or of comparing gay and lesbian couples to standards based on heterosexual couples and finding the gay and lesbian couples are lacking.

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Therapy work with gay and lesbian couples requires additional expertise beyond that normally required for heterosexual couples, as gay and lesbian couples face a number of additional stressors, different developmental processes, and more developed skills from the therapist.

Green and Mitchell discuss five areas of knowledge you’ll need to know about to provide services for same-sex couples.

This may include beliefs that men in a gay couples are distant and so the relationship is unstable, or that women in a lesbian relationship are too close and so the relationship is enmeshed (the “second date” joke).

It may also influence beliefs about monogamy, as well as family and community support that are relevant to the long-term chances of success for the relationship.

This typically comes into play in a number of areas: medical doctor you see today was trained when this study was conducted.

The court system does little better, with a 2001 study by the Judicial Counsel of California indicating at 56% of gay men and lesbians surveyed reported experiencing discrimination in the court system, such as anti-gay comments, and pressure to reveal their sexual orientation.

Gay and lesbian couples make up 1 million of the 11 million couples living together in the 2000 census.

Studies indicate 40-60% of gay men and 45-80% of lesbians are coupled at any given time, and the Census data doesn’t count the couples not living together, so the number of gay and lesbian couples is likely higher.

Efforts to add additional people may take a year or more, and require an active role in adding people, increasing the functions they serve, and developing new connections between them.


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