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Their fur color is predominantly light gray and red or fulvous interspersed with black and white, though it varies somewhat with geography.

It is highly flexible in social organization, living either in a family unit or in loosely knit packs of unrelated individuals.

Daisy is sometimes ferried around in a Louis Vuitton dog-carrier and has even appeared on-stage during Simpson's concerts.

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The department's guidelines offer some perspective, noting that 650 New Yorkers are hospitalized every year for dog bites and that while coyotes kill cats, 'so do foxes, dogs, bobcats, vehicles and even great horned owls.'Battle: Two groups are now fighting in Westchester County, New York, over the fate of the coyotes.

Source: The Coyote, NM crime data displayed above is derived from the FBI's uniform crime reports for the year of 2016.

That's been enough to stir animal passions among residents over the question of when and if a coyote deserves to be killed.

Email and social media have swirled with such teeth-baring terms as 'coyote jihad' and 'death map.' And members of a local task force that advocates trapping and killing some of the animals announced they were staying away from a recent public hearing on the issue 'in the interest of our personal safety.' Sighting: The New Castle Coyote Management Task Force is arguing for more frequent use of 'lethal solutions' against coyotes.

They differ, however, on the current effectiveness of 'hazing' coyotes, or trying to instill a fear of humans by making a noisy commotion when a coyote is spotted.

The task force says some coyotes have gotten used to such displays and pay scant attention.

In the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, the eastern coyote (a larger subspecies, though still smaller than wolves) is the result of various historical and recent matings with various types of wolves.

Genetic studies show that most North American wolves contain some level of coyote DNA.

Humans are the coyote's greatest threat, followed by cougars and gray wolves.


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