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D-category 250 km/h express sleeper trains have 4-berth soft sleepers & 2nd class seats, see photos & advice & watch the video guide.

T-category classic sleeper train T109/T110 has soft & hard sleepers, soft & hard seats, 2-berth deluxe soft sleepers, see info & advice. Map of Shanghai showing stations Which station in Beijing?

Beijing to Shanghai the fast & easy way, by 300km/h (186mph) high-speed train. For other Chinese train routes & a beginner's guide to train travel in China, see the main China page...

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The Man in Seat 61 says: "As you can see, the glass to the cab is permanently electrically frosted up, so there's not much sightseeing going on.

This cab was at the rear of the train, so the seats faced backwards, whereas most other seats on the train are turned round to face forwards before the train boarded.

Beijing to Shanghai southbound train times Shanghai to Beijing northbound train times How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets What are the G-category high-speed trains like? Quick guide to boarding at Beijing South Quick guide to boarding at Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel suggestions in Beijing & Shanghai All trains shown here run every day, check exact times for your date of travel online as shown here.

Finding & boarding your train Luggage arrangements Hotels in Beijing Hotels in Shanghai Beijing metro map. Almost all Beijing-Shanghai trains now use Beijing South Station (Beijing Nan), 6km southwest of central Beijing.

One or two D & T category sleepers trains still use Beijing's main central station, as shown by the asterisk. Almost all Beijing-Shanghai trains now use Shanghai's new Hongqiao station, 18km from central Shanghai near the old airport.

Three different designs of train operate the high-speed G-category trains between Beijing and Shanghai: The Chinese-designed CRH380A (300km/h), the German-designed CRH380B (also 300 km/h) and the new 350 km/h CRH400 known as the Fuxing.

CRH400 Fuxing, the world's fastest passenger train...

Inside, their classes and seating are similar to the CRH380 trains - the photo above right shows business class on a CRH400. Business class seats are arranged 1 2 across the car width, in a spacious carpeted car.


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