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Luckily I lived six blocks away I know a homeless young woman that had missed the cut of time for registering for a homeless shelter bed for the night and the police offered her the drunk tank bed saying "Well, basically, you have been drinking right? Shitbag in Queensland has just killed a police officer and is on the run though.

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All the way home he was going on about how nice they were, and they gave him special police water (the water bottle had South Australia Police sticker on it) When we got home, he started taking his clothes off in preparation to pass out, dropped his pants by the front door and said "don't leave them, they have money" then proceeded inside to bed. Unfortunately I don't think my body is worthy of that type of $17 Kmart class yet, so I've abandoned them in the cupboard while I use my $12 Woolworths sheets. Kresge Company in the United States, with Kresge owning 51% of the common stock in the company.

Never let him forget it, and have always been appreciative of the officers who called me. 180 thread count, baby From their wiki: "Kmart Australia Limited was born out of a joint venture between G. "SS Kresge started the US Kmart, so I wouldn't say entirely unrelated.

Lived in the UK, where you're pretty much allowed to drink anywhere.

It's like, after experiencing both sides of the fence, what the fuck is wrong with North America?

Now if you did some other shit too while drunk I've seen public intoxication slapped on top of whatever else they're charged with, but that's a different deal than just being drunk.

It's called protective custody, if they find you too drunk to look after yourself or youre so drunk that it's likely you die in your sleep or you don't have anyone to look after you, they'll take you to a cell.

All the teachers there think this is the damn funniest thing they have ever seen about their business, in a way.

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EDIT: Was only a proposal, it never went through, my bad. It was suggested by a couple of ex cops but they didn't revert back to Force or consider it. I don't remember a whole lot from that night but at one point I drank a full water bottle of Malibu and the next thing I really remember is watching cops playing my buddies guitar in my house.

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