Tyga dating nicki minaj

Sounding tired from performing across the country, the L. resident spoke about her song-stealing 32 bars on Kanye West’s “Monster,” possibly getting Kanye on , fabricating her marriage to Drake on Twitter (“ We were just being mischievous”), and whether she prefers dating men or women (“ I think boys are yucky”).

Nicki Minaj confirmed her breakup with longtime boyfriend Meek Mill in January, but now fans are suspecting that the rap queen is linked with a new man.

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He admit he was only flirting with her sometimes, but he says he doesn't want to date older women.

He wants some at least his age, and Rihanna is only 1 or 2 years older than him.

Well since Rihanna was 19 and Chris was 18 they have been going out but rumor has it that Ri-Ri and Breezy broke up because they where tired of being in the public eye and its said that Ri has been dating rapper/singer Kanye West .

Rumors have been around saying that he has been dating Rihanna, but it's not true.

Kelly Loses $100K Lawsuit Against Georgia Concert Venue R.

Kelly & his lawyers failed to appear in court last week for his lawsuit, ultimately forfeiting his potential 0K payday.Let’s break it down: Meek Mill – Cons: * Called out Drake for not writing his raps, Drake responds with “Back to Back” * Endlessly clowned by just about everyone, including people in the industry * Responds with only tweets, and releases “Wanna Know”, which was awful * Threatened with legal action for it, removes song from Soundcloud * Biggest hits to his career have features * Lowers the value of his girl’s tour * Threatened to give a grown man a wedgie and called him a dork and buttercup * Current favorite rapper Future makes album with Drake Pros: * Went No.1 for two weeks straight * Bagged Nicki Minaj Tyga – Cons * Got served on camera, at his own shoe launch * Dropped from record label for not releasing his album * Released album with Chris Brown that flopped hard * “Surprise” released album and had everyone mocking him * Album was trash and didn’t even chart in the Billboard 200, selling only 2,200 copies, of which 1,500 were free streams * Lost beef with Drake in one bar * Released “Stimulated” video with Kylie Jenner * Proud to have bagged a barely legal teen when she was only 17 * Threatened to be evicted from his house, again * Sued by his own clothing company * Dumped his kid and girlfriend for a child * Said to have been with a tranny while dating Kylie * Shoes with LA Gear the most garbage thing on the face of the Earth Pros - * Bagged Kylie Jenner, an 18 year old whom he met when she was only 17 or so. Feel free to contribute to any L’s I missed from these two.The star also talked about her decision to help her fans pay for a higher education, including paying for their student loans, tuition, and their books.To help kick start Nicki’s college fund, Ellen surprises her by donating ,000Nicki says she included Ellen’s name in two of her songs, No Frauds and Come On A Cone because she’s obsessed with Ellen.Meek deserves all the L’s he receives, Tyga less so.


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