Updating my driver

There’s no reason to obsess about having the latest hardware drivers for every component in your computer.There are some good reasons to update drivers, though.

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Hardware drivers are the bits of software Windows uses to communicate with your PC’s hardware.

Device manufacturers create these drivers, and you can obtain drivers straight from the manufacturer of your devices.

We suggest always keeping your graphics drivers up-to-date.

Updating drivers can often correct odd visual behaviors such as freezing, artifacts, model slicing, and slow performance.

You’ll usually find a single web page with a long list of drivers you can download.

New versions of these drivers are posted to this web page when available, and you’ll often see the dates when they were uploaded so you know which are new.

Windows 10 won’t be automatically updating graphics drivers every time NVIDIA or AMD releases a new version.

These updates are really only necessary for people playing PC games, after all.

Head to NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel’s website to download the latest graphics driver package for your hardware and install it.

Even if you’re using Windows 10, you’ll probably want to do this — at least, if you’re a gamer.

For other drivers, go straight to your hardware manufacturer’s website.


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