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While in the Options dialog, uncheck “Auto Syntax Check”.

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For example, last week, the figures for 'Allocated to A' were 37, the figures for 'Allocated to B' were 178.

It is displayed as one bar with the separation split being quite obvious.

Jimbo You can do this via VBA and the sheet calculateevent handler set up to a linked cell date so that if todays date exceeds a certain date it willplace values in the formula cells BUTprobably the easiest is to just select the releventcells and to a Copy/Pastespecial/values.

You can let Excel scale the axes automatically; when the charted values change, Excel updates the scales the way it thinks they fit best. Or you could assign the code to a button in the worksheet. A more elegant approach is to change the relevant axis when one of the cells within B14: C16 changes.

Options in the VB Editor" width="427" height="368" /Sub Scale Axes() With Active Chart.

Value End With End Sub You can type all this into the code module, or you can copy it and paste it in. You can run the code by pressing Alt F8 to open the Macros dialog, selecting the procedure in the list of macros, and clicking Run. The code can be either linked to a button, or run from a event procedure. The actual mechanics of creating this chart are incidental to the discussion, but we’ll use the following simple data and chart (named “Chart 1”, the default name of the first chart created in a worksheet). In this example, the range B14: C16 is used to hold primary X and Y axis scale parameters for the embedded chart object named “Chart 1”. If the data is updated, then the figures on each of my charts (combination of pie, bar and a donut!) update fine, however the area / proportion of each chart doesn't.I know both Pivot Tables and the Advanced Filter can do this, but both don't update dynamically.

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