What does god say about dating a non christian

In the post-Babylonian captivity period, 113 Hebrew men were required to put away the pagan women they had married while in that heathen land (Ezra -11).This is a relatively small number when one considers the fact that the whole population contained approximately forty thousand adult males.

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What does god say about dating a non christian

This procedure, which clearly was more restrictive than the New Testament instruction for today (as mentioned above [1 Corinthians ff; 1 Peter 3:1ff]), was possibly an emergency measure required in a time of great danger—a danger during a critical period of history when the Messianic plan was ever closer to reaching fruition (Galatians 4:4).

There was, under the Mosaic law, a provision for how a foreign, captive woman could be taken by a Hebrew for a wife (Deuteronomy -14), though this procedure did not represent the highest spiritual plateau in the divine plan.

If such was the case regarding marriage as an institution, is the principle any less valid for the spiritual welfare of the individual Christian?

There are several New Testament passages which lend their support to the proposition that Christians ought to marry only those of like precious faith: (1) In the sermon on the mount, Jesus admonished his disciples to put the kingdom of Christ “first” (proton) in their lives.

Every divinely designed institution of human history was intended, ultimately, for the implementation of Heaven’s plan for human salvation.

This certainly was true with reference to the home.

Numerous Christians can testify to the fact that their spiritual lives have been made infinitely more difficult since yoking themselves with those who do not share a commitment to God, to say nothing of bringing children into an environment where there are divergent spiritual influences.

The fact that some Christians have converted their unbelieving mates eventually is wonderful indeed; that circumstance, however, hardly stacks up against the many more instances of disciples who have weakened under such a strain, ultimately abandoning their devotion to the Savior.

My sister-in-law does not attend church nor have any fellowship apart from me but believes she is a christian because she prays, reads the bible and believes that Jesus is Lord.

But friends say she is decieved and not a christian at all, I’m confused can you be a christian and not go to church?

This is a universal circumstance, and has been since the beginning of time (though a lower marriage standard was tolerated in the pre-Christian ages [cf. The New Testament nowhere suggests, even remotely, that marriage pertains to Christians only (cf. In view of this, it is clear that a marriage between a Christian and a non-Christian is a union that is not to be severed strictly on that basis. Having noted the above, however, there are additional factors that must be taken into consideration.

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