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The musical career of Ben – who has also modelled for Calvin Klein and played a singer-songwriter in the US TV series American Dreams in 2004 – had a slow-burn start because he feared the inevitable comparisons with his famous parents.At first he travelled the world, then worked for a flower farmer, among other jobs.Soon they were spending much of their time on his Vineyard property.

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Taylor tried to quit heroin by shooting up in front of Simon. Mick Jagger invited himself into the sessions for "You're So Vain."When Simon was recording the backing vocals for her greatest hit, "You're So Vain," she was being watched by an intimidating collection of talent: Paul Mc Cartney, Linda Mc Cartney, George Martin, Bonnie Bramlett and Harry Nilsson. "Mick and I, we were close together — the same height, same coloring, same lips.

Simon and Taylor had two children and many happy years together, but their relationship would end up seesawing between ecstasy and agony, and foundering on infidelity, ego and drug use. Maybe if you see me do it, it will take away the cat-and-mouse game. (The Mc Cartneys were working at the same London studio; Bramlett and Nilsson had just dropped in.) Then Mick Jagger called up the studio phone: He was pursuing Simon and had tracked her down. I felt as if I were trying to stay within a pink gravity that was starting to loosen its silky grip on me.

Simon went to many games at Ebbets Field, sitting on the lap of shortstop Pee Wee Reese in the dugout — the team made her a special Dodgers jacket for her role as unofficial mascot.

"Jackie even taught me to bat lefty, though it never took," Simon writes.

Her doctor choked out the words: "You are not the first patient of the day who spent the night with Warren Beatty last night." is about Simon's relationship with James Taylor.

They met briefly as children on Martha's Vineyard; as adults, they were married for a decade.

So it's a pleasant surprise that in her compelling new autobiography, , she lays out her naked emotions and insecurities, and that she proves to be a supple writer with a gift for descriptions such as "Like some time-bent sailor, he did what he could to steer a course through his own sadness" (a portrait of her father). Simon, the co-founder of the publishing house Simon & Schuster, and she grew up splitting her time between a Greenwich Village townhouse and a rambling estate in Stamford, Connecticut, surrounded by celebrity guests such as Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt and Charles Addams.

Simon's lyrical gifts are also featured on the book's companion album — the career-spanning compilation 1. One of the family's friends was Jackie Robinson, the Dodgers star who broke baseball's color line: The Robinsons had stayed with Simons during the construction of their own Stamford house.

"He always had the cutest look around the side of his mouth, as if he were thinking about what he was about to say before he said it."2. The Simon household wasn't all glamour — the house was full of secret sexual assignations, some of which the adult Carly Simon is clearly still trying to unravel.


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